Vista Credit Opportunities

Vista Credit Opportunities is a uniquely positioned credit strategy focused on investing in the debt of software, data, and technology-enabled businesses

Since 2000, Vista Equity Partners (“Vista”) has been one of the most active investors in the software industry, building domain expertise and generating strong and consistent returns.  During this time, Vista has identified several attributes of enterprise software companies that signal significant opportunity for an investor with deep domain and operating expertise.  First, the enterprise software business model has unique characteristics inherent to the industry that offer a combination of low-risk and high returns. Second, enterprise software represents one of the key drivers behind efficiency gains and innovation for large and small businesses over the last 40 years, and are considered mission-critical to virtually all industries throughout the world economy. Third, the diverse business needs and workflows of the various specific industries served by enterprise software have led to fragmentation within the software industry, preventing a small number of large software companies from dominating the industry.

Vista Credit Opportunities (“VCO”), an affiliate of Vista, seeks to capitalize on its domain expertise and the emerging growth of the software debt market by investing in debt securities of market-leading software companies. VCO believes that the attributes of these companies provide unique opportunities to capitalize on relatively low-risk debt securities with higher return profiles than those of other industries.